You Deserve Great Coffee at Work!

Earn Gold Cup Points Toward Future Coffee Purchases

And You Earn Gold Cup Points With Each Office Coffee Purchase!

To reorder, simply log into your account, and select a previous order from your Order History, select REORDER and checkout. If you'd like to modify the order, you can add and subtract products, then checkout. Or you can create an entirely new order. Orders placed Thursday through Wednesday are roasted the very next Thursday, and shipped Friday. 

About Gold Cup Points!

What are Gold Cup Points? They are one way we say "thank you" to our loyal customers. Each Gold Cup point is worth $1.00 toward purchases on this website.

How are Gold Cup Points earned? Earn one Gold Cup Point for every case of coffee you order. Each case contains five trays of eight 2.5oz coffee packages (one flavor per tray), and you can order multiple flavors per case. Earn one additional Gold Cup Point for every 3 cases (15 trays) of coffee in an order.  So a coffee order of 3 cases earns 4 Gold Cup Points, 6 cases earns 8 Gold Cup Points (1 point for each case and 1for each bundled case trio). 

Where can you see your available Gold Cup Points? Your Gold Cup point balance appears in your Account Dashboard.  Upon logging in to your account, this is the first page that will appear.  You can also access it by clicking on My Account in the website navigation at the top of the page. When purchasing product, you will also see your available points near the bottom in your shopping cart page.

How to pay with Gold Cup Points? As soon as you've earned even one Gold Cup Point, you can apply your accumulated points toward a purchase. When you are ordering coffee, you will see the option to Spend Your Points under Payment Methods in checkout.  Simply move the slider bar to indicate how many points you wish to use, and the Cart Total will be automatically adjusted accordingingly. You can change how many points you wish to use right up until you place your order.

Can Gold Cup Points be redeemed for cash? Sorry, no.

Do Gold Cup Points expire? No, Gold Cup Points never lose their luster.

Can Gold Cup Points earned on this order be applied to this order? No. Gold Cup Points are not accrued until the fullfillment and shipment of your order, but you can see how many you will earn in your shopping cart, and in your order acknowledgement.