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Specific Areas of Interest and Contact Information

 Department Listing


 Customer Service  Elizabeth at 608-223-4004
 Sales - Cafes, Co-ops, Office Coffee, Small Businesses  Rachel at 920-527-0408
 Sales - Director of Grocery  John at 608-223-3980
 Sales - Key Grocery Sales Rep  Kate at 608-223-3988
 Sales - Convenience Stores & Resturant Chains  Nicole at 412-580-3470
 Accounts Payable & Receivable  Crystal at 608-268-0424
 HR/Controler  Steve at 608-223-9180
 Marketing - General  Elizabeth at 608-223-4004
 Purchaser  Steve at 608-210-1960
 Plant Manager - Production/Shipping & Receiving  Dan at 608-210-1961
 Community Relations  Rachel at 920-527-0408

 Career/Employment Opportunities

 Current employment opportunities can be found online at
Steep & Brew Coffee Roasters, Inc.
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