You Deserve Great Coffee at Work!

Your coffee is always fresh and flavorful!

When you order coffee for your business from Great Coffee For Work, you will receive the ultimate in coffee flavor! Here's why:

Each coffee is made from premium select 100% Arabica Coffee beans - the same quality beans that Starbucks and Peet's use. The beans are precision roasted to exact temperatures and specifications established for each roast.

Every Thursday we roast to fill the orders that we have received through Wednesday noon*. Those orders are shipped on Friday. So you can literally order on Wednesday morning, have it roasted on Thursday, and shipped to you on Friday. You'll probably receive it on Monday. And then you WILL taste the difference FRESH coffee makes!

This is NOT AT ALL like the coffee you receive from a typical office coffee service, which orders their coffees from large regional or national food service/coffee distributers, where the cased coffee has sat in a warehouse for weeks, or months. When you skip the middleman (coffee service/coffee distributors) and order direct, you are ensured the freshest possible coffee for your office.

To help ensure your coffee tastes exactly the way it should from one pot to another, we prepare it in easy to use packets already ground. No guessing on amount or grind - simply tear open the packet and pour it into the filter. There's no reason that your coffee at work should ever be work!

*Orders placed after noon on a Wednesday will not roast until Thursday of the following week.