You Deserve Great Coffee at Work!

8 Coffees You Can Mix and Match

We don't believe in only a simple decaf and medium/dark roast choice in coffee. We love coffee and all its varieties and when you choose Steep & Brew for your coffee at work, you can too.



French Roast

  We dark roast our gourmet Costa Rican beans to produce the tangy, smoky taste of great French Roast.

House Blend

  A full mild blend designed to be lively and bright.
Colombian   Smooth vegetal flavor with a bright finish.
Decaf Colombian   Smooth and most flavorful Colombian coffee. 97% of the caffeine has been removed prior to roasting.
Hazelnut   A perfect match to the taste of hazelnuts. Light, lively, buttery, and definitely hazelnut. Contains no allergens. Less than 2 calories per 6oz cup.

Café Fair Decaf

  We choose our finest organic, fair trade coffee and send it to Europe to be decaffeinated naturally with carbon dioxide rather than using chemicals. Contains no allergens. Certifications include: Fairtrade; Rainforest Alliance; Kosher; Organic
Café Fair Morning Blend   This fully certified coffee is medium roasted to produce a full-bodied coffee with intense brightness. Contains no allergens. Certifications include: Rainforest Alliance; Bird Friendly; Kosher; & Organic
Café Fair Dark Honduran   Bold, smoky, rich. A superb dark city roast coffee. Contains no allergens. Certifications include: Rainforest Alliance; Kosher; & Organic