You Deserve Great Coffee at Work!

10 Coffees You Can Mix and Match

We don't believe in only a simple decaf and medium/dark roast choice in coffee. We love coffee and all its varieties and when you choose Steep & Brew for your coffee at work, you can too.



Breakfast Blend

  A full mild blend designed to be lively and satisfying for that first wake up cup. Cup after cup a very popular blend.

Café Fair Blend -(Organic)

  This fully certified coffee is medium roasted to produce a full-bodied coffee with intense brightness. Contains no allergens. Certifications include: Rainforest Alliance; Bird Friendly; Kosher; and Organic.
  Smoother and more flavorful than other Colombian coffees, this Queen of Colombia’s coffees comes from the far south of Colombia.
Costa Rican
  Grown in the lush Costa Rican three rivers valley region is one of the world’s finest coffees. Smooth, sweet, bursting with flavor.
Decaf Colombian
  This smooth and flavorful Colombian coffees has had 97% of the caffeine removed by our decaffeinator in Europe, then was roasted to develop all its flavor.

Café Fair
El Salvador Dark

  This fully certified coffee is warm, with sweet smoky tones that hint of caramel with a touch of cranberry. Contains no allergens. Certifications include: Rainforest Alliance; Kosher; Bird Friendly, & Organic.
French Roast
  We only dark roast our gourmet Costa Rican beans to produce the tangy, smoky taste of great French Roast. Excellent with hot milk.
  The perfect match to the taste of hazelnuts. Light, lively, buttery, and definitely hazelnut
Icing on the Cake
  A warm buttery cup frosted with a touch of cinnamon.
  From the south coast of the Indonesian island country of Sumatra comes this smooth, soft, coffee with a hint of earthiness.